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So I can’t remember if I ever posted this video on here, but I know I tweeted the link the day it happened. This video was recording during a vacation Capo took right after the season ended. Notice I said vacation. Where normal people normally don’t think about work; they just kick up their feet and relax. Welp Cappie clearly doesn’t know what that means, but she picked up the roc during this vacay. Watch and see what happens, and also read the later interview!

SLAM: How did you end up playing together at Impact basketball facilities in Las Vegas?

Cappie Pondexter: Al Harrington and Chauncey Billups actually dragged me into the game. I was visiting Las Vegas with my brother and cousin and I got a call from Chauncey and he said, “I’m picking you up in the morning you’re going to workout with me.” I got to the gym the next day and after two hours of working out with Billups I was resting up and about to ice my body. Then Al Harrington comes over to me and says, “Get a jersey. You’re in”. I’m like “Really? But, I’m tired”. I played anyway because those guys are like my brothers and we are all just trying to get better.

Sebastian Telfair: That day I was in there working out with about 15-20 NBA players and we started playing pickup games. Cappie got called in at point guard and I was the point guard. We played five games and Cappie’s team won the first two and we won the last three. The game you saw on YouTube was the fourth game.

SLAM: What were your thoughts when you saw you were going to be matched up against each other?

CP: I just remembered him being a playground legend in New York. He was the head of his class coming out. It was just cool to go up against him.

ST: I came into the gym and saw Chauncey and about 15-20 other NBA players and that’s normal. But when I saw Cappie was going to be in the game, knowing how successful she is, probably top 15 in the WNBA, I had to respect that right away.

SLAM: When did you decide to turn up the heat in the game and go shot for shot?

CP: The jumper was just what I was feeling. I was kind of nursing an injury at the time too so I thought hitting jumpers was the safer thing to do. Also, I just wanted to work on my shooting. He gave me some good buckets too.

ST: It seems in game four she got a little more aggressive. On the first shot in the video, she comes down the left side and puts up a jumper. She even called “off” but it went in and didn’t even touch the net. I was right in her face and standing on top of her. That’s when I knew she was trying to win this. Then I hit her with the jumper then she hits me with the hesitation. At that point I thought, “She got game, so if I don’t take her serious she is going to try and show me up in here”

SLAM: Were you holding back in the game?

CP:I don’t know if he was taking it easy on me. He’s a cool guy and he was in there just trying to get better.

ST: After she hit a few shots I was definitely guarding her hard. I was saying in my head “She’s not going to score anymore” but she proved me wrong on that. There were other things that she did that weren’t on the tape. She was on the court holding her own. She would come off pick and rolls, make a pass and do obvious stuff the fans wouldn’t be able to understand. It’s no secret she is one of the best point guards to play the game.

SLAM: How did the crowd reaction fuel the tempo of the game?

CP: I got excited. Probably like four or five days ago I had just finished my season in the WNBA. So it was cool to get that reaction and play with the guys after that loss. It was definitely a confidence booster.

ST: That made it fun. You know how she plays; she is one of those up-tempo point guards with handle. It brought it back to street ball in the middle of a game with 20 NBA players in the gym.

SLAM: What was your reaction to the video going viral?

CP: I figured it was going to happen. I have also heard a lot of negative things about it. People say, “It’s fake, it’s not real”. People have to understand that I grew up doing this. I have been playing basketball since I was 10. This is what I love to do. I mean who wants to fake a video. We were both trying to get better and we were having fun doing what we love and it happened to be a crowd there. There’s nothing fake about that.

ST: I didn’t think it was going to go viral. I don’t have Twitter and Facebook like everyone else. I just follow it. As long as the people recognize I was out there fighting with another boss, that’s all that matters.



Sadly I can’t put the actual video on the site, so here is the link! Cappie will be having another Ustream soon so stay posted!!


Capo Thanksgiving!!

  Oooooooo Ahhhhh we took a beatingggggggggg!!! Very bad loss today against the lames Gala! Lost by 19 points! Capo had 11 points and 4 rebounds! Woaaaahhhhhh. Should we be breathing in bags here people????

No no no no no NONSENSE!!!!! This season is far too long to be worried about one game, that in all actuality does not mean a thing! This league is nothing like the WNBA people. WNBA focuses too much on single games, instead of the whole picture.—- What is the whole picture you ask??

There are 3 goals here!! 3 and ONLY 3!!! Is it to go perfect, even though we pretty much do every season?? Noooooppppeee. The 3 BIG goals are as followed.

1)Winning the Russian Cup…. Gee, I wonder who won last year= 

2) Winning the CHAMPIONSHIP OF RUSSIA!!!!!! Ummm who has won back to back to back to back to back titles= 

3)And last but certainly not least. The absolute BIGGEST honor to obtain is… WINNING THE EL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! This my friends has been the only thing we were not able to obtain in previous years. We win this and we actually be 100% The RULES OF EUROPE!!! (As of now, we are just 90%) Are we going to win the EL championship this season?? Ummm HELL YES!!!!! And how do I know this? Welp not only do we have the most talented team overseas, but we also have something under our sleeves this time!

SUE freaking BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This phenom needs to introduction, the only thing I will say as of now; If it was not for Sue Bird, we would of had the EL in our pockets last season! And now that we got her: chances of us losing are about a SLIM CHANCE TO ——

So go ahead Gala fans and keep tweeting our players cocky remarks! Laugh it up jerks!

Galatasaray YOK Galatasaray YOK Galatasaray YOK Galatasaray YOK!!!!!!


      He who laughs last, laughs longest. and He who laughs last, laughs best.

If you did not know, Cap is currently on a tour with the USA Women’s National team, with just 8 other girls. First stop was Monte di Procida, Italy. Which is where Capo left the court with 19 points and 5 assist. Cap was in rare foul trouble during her last game, which was the championship game in the tournament, therefore she was unable to play majority of the game. Still despite Cap being on the bench, team USA was able to beat Ros Casares Valencia by 10 points; making Cap’s team still undefeated!!!!

Cappie and the gang have left Italy for Spain, and they have a game tomorrow night! They will be taking on Ros Casares! There is no live stream, but i will post highlights of the game shortly after! Be sure to wish Capo good luck everyone!!



Thought the season was over??

THINK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now is time for some real hardcore basketball to be played!!!!!! WNBA Players are headed overseas!!!!!!! Which continent do all of the players head out to??

EUROPE!!!!!!!! And what’s the biggest country in Europe?? RUSSIA!!!!!!!!

Russia is the place where Cappie is always the last woman standing!! Why do I say that? Hmm maybe because her team goes UNDEFEATED for nearly the entire season! We are the back to back to back to back to back RUSSIAN CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! 

Very much to enlighten you guys on! So many different tournaments that take place overseas! Just now that Cappie is on the ABSOLUTE BEST team that she can be in!!

Do NOT think Cap is alone in an entire different world. You will soon see many familiar faces that will be joining Capo for the next 7 months!!!!!

  1. Candace Parker 
  2. TWEETY Nolan
  3. Sandra Gruda
  4. Svetlana Abrosimova  (Caps over seas bestie)
  5. And now recently added to this list… SUE BIRD!!!!


I wish we could jump into the season now, however, Cap has some business to handle!


Yesssss Capo is back in training with the USA National team!! This team only last for less than a few weeks. Select WNBA players get the chance to come join the National team to play other countries, as well as play in front of the current Olympic Head Coach! GENO!!!!

Cap in fact had her 1st game today, scoring 11 points and winning by 29 points!! HAHA get used to these BIG wins TEAM CAPPA! Because once Capo gets to Russia, these wins will look a lot more like 112- 46! I kid you not!!


[ Now I wanted to get this written before the game, that way no one can claim that I am just being bitter because we just lost that crucial game. But then i thought to myself, since when have I given a damn about what people think about me?? So I am now taking the time to write this. ]

What I am about to say is really going to blow peoples minds. Especially if you follow me on Twitter and you know my personality. It is not a secret that I might be the Dream’s biggest hater. I do not respect a team that flops their way into victory. Which is a reason I have a hard time respecting the CT Sun, although they are a very talented team. Anyways, the odd thing about my thinking right now, is the fact that I do not mind the Dream to win today.

Yes “I” just said that. Allow me to elaborate:

Now although we are in last place, standings do not mean anything. Once the Playoffs start, all winning streaks are erased, everyone is equal. What makes us so great yall? Even our enemies know that our White Line Defense is not one to be messed with…when we actually assert it at least. We have the best defense in the entire league. Every other team, say Mercury for example plays solely on pushing the ball up he court. meaning running and scoring. With our defense, we force teams to slow the heck down and play real basketball. And because of that, we have beaten every top seeded time, by a large number, this season. It also does not hurt that we have the best offensively God on our team. So our game play is some good ol’ DEFENSE. Here is the Fever’s game play:

Now Catchings is one of my favorite players and I would never in my life even think about playing her one on one, however Ray Charles can see she is struggling this season. Douglas and Davenport have been the two players that are holding this team together. With that being said, It will simply not be enough to go against us. Our defense makes them discombobulated. This Friday we won by , I am going to go ahead and say 10 full points, all of our players were involved in that win! Even Essence Carson  said that she was really having fun out there. Bottom line, we will AGAIN beat the Fever in the first round and make our way to the

(pretend that says WNBA lol)

Also, of course I am not a fan of Dream, I SERIOUSLY DO NOT WANT TO PLAY THEM IN THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fever are just horrible against the Dream. Although the Sun have lost their last 2 against the Dream, they have beaten then 2 times as well. We get the easy road and head to the Final Four, while the Sun and Dream battle it out!! Win WIn baby!!

LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


http://www.wnba.com/video/wnba/2011/09/02/20110902nylminwnbarecapdesktopmo-1828082/ ]


Okay let me get serious………


Pause || 

Okay Go Time!!

First let me start out by saying this. Did I think for one minute we were going to lose against the Lynx? No. Did I think we would blow them out? Of course we can blow out anybody if we actually choose to do so, however I felt like this was going to be a very good game, for the simple fact that unlike most WNBA teams, the Lynx do not playing with a flop fest! And although we did blow them out, no one can sit here and say it was not a good game. It was a very good game. I am sooo excited for tomorrow night because I know it will be an even better game!

Now this below is where I explain why I am laughing so hard, because it honestly does not have anything to do with the Lynx players:


Lynx bandwagon fans =

Now even a caveman can figure out that the NY Liberty are not at all the most loved team in the WNBA, for numerous irrelevant reason; However I was honestly shocked to see sooooooooooooo much hate on my TL last night. I mean come on, we have beaten seriously every team in the league, we have received a lot of hate that I can handle. But as you guys know it takes a lot for me to respect you as a fan. And the immaturity I saw on Twitter last night was just tactless. This is one question I can not get out of my head, maybe yall can answer for me.

If your team clinched the Playoffs two damn weeks ago, then why are you bent out of shape talking down on another team?

The only answer is that these Lynx bangwagon fans have gotten spoiled. For some reason these people actually believe they are the best thing smoking, and that they are unbeatable. Meaning they seriously think that just because they have the better record, they are destined to the championship. That there is the reason as to why I am laughing so hard. Now no no, I am not at all saying that every single fan who supposedly is “#TeamLynx” is a bangwagon, however there is an extremely large % of them. Although I am not going to spend my time talking about these idiots, I will just say this:

The reason why Liberty fans deserve this championship, is because we have had to undergo so many trials and tribulations! And yet when we do win, we are still getting criticized”

Lol that is the reason as to why I crack so many jokes you guys! Cappie has taught me so many things in life, mainly towards fashion, but she has also taught me not to aim to please! We know we are the best, and no matter if the writers like it or not, they will have to say at the of the season: The New York Liberty Have Won The WNBA CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S.= If you think that Leilani Mitchell “sucks” or she will never again play ball like last night……………………………………………………………










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