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My FAV Media Picks On Cap


I love this vid because Cap is being her self! Lol check her face at 53secs!!

You gotta love this picture!! This picture is like the perfect picture to represent Cappie! Grown and Sexy but can still go to work!!(prob in them heels too)


I like this video because these fans are IDIOTS!! Who throws stuff at players? I heard over seas people are crazy but now i SEE it! Anyways i LOVE when Cap holds her jersey up and i like that she didnt kill the jerk that spit on her! (even though she should have) Cap shows alot of sports-woman-ship also when she tries to slap the other teams hands!

this picture is just real business like! Since were on the topic check out Caps Image Consulting Company http://www.4seasonstylemanagement.com/

This is why your on this page. You know that shes the best player in the world and if you dont…YOU DO NOW!!!!

look guys Cap use to be taller than her teammates lol! And she didnt even own 23!

This had me dieing when i first saw this! I love to see Cap laugh, shes always so serious on court.

Cap is just cute. Its that Simple!

I honestly just think Caps hair is PERFECT on this video lol. Thats pretty much my only reason i have to put it up here…and its informative!

Got the rock in my hand and aint no tellin what ima do with it!!

Lol she never really makes a complete sentence but its clear that HER team won!!

BEST FRIENDS are forever. So please if you dont KNOW nothing dont SAY nothing!!!!

this one speaks for itself!

CAP WENT TO WORKKKKKK this game!!!! Check the intro though yo!


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