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Just call me LEX! I am 18 years young; Reside in Atlanta, GA [ So yes, I am the ONLY Liberty fan in Phillips Arena. If you live in ATL please contact me so we can sit together!!!] Lol, known by many as the trash talker. I have mad love for my teams, and every night I expect nothing but the best! Thanks to endless hours of watching Classic NBA games, I do in fact know what REAL basketball looks like! Which is why you will get use to seeing me say “FLOP.” Those are not acceptable in my eyes! Even strangers know that I am a sports junkie. I love all sports, and am willing to give anything a chance at least once! My Pro Teams: LAKERS, LIBERTY, SPARKS, AND YANKEES!!!! My collegiate teams: LADY VOLS, UCONN mens and women’s, Tarheels men; Honestly too many to name!

Sports keeps me sane; Sports makes me insane

Is my favorite thing to say! I know i’m not the average fan.. I go hard. To say the least 

Being a DIE HARD fan takes a lot of effort and faithfulness! I respect anyone who keeps it real! If you think you can handle my sporadic blogs or tweets [ https://twitter.com/#!/teamcappa ] Then hold on to your compression shorts; It’s about to be one hell of a ride!!!!

TEAM CAPPA LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • I don't get on here much because of the different time zones; but i'll be back during the Liberty season. See yall soon! Just 4 Months away! 3 years ago
  • Make sure yall send the bday love to Cap! 3 years ago
  • Can yall guess whose birthday it is today? 3 years ago
  • In case you are wondering, Dandenong, Australia is 15 hours ahead of Eastern time. 3 years ago
  • In this league, Cap could dead average 40 points if she wanted to lol. #NoFlex 3 years ago
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