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Loving This Liberty Team


It’s not easy watching your team lose. Whether it’s by 20 points or by 2 points, it still is going to hurt. However, if you have been a Cappie Pondexter fan for as long as i have, it hurts worse. Us (true fans) , this is such a learning experience for us. Cappie losing, is pretty uncommon for us to watch, seems impossible that this could be happening to her. Like a bad dream. A dream you just have to push to the side and say, “it’s okay.”

After every game, win or lose, i always tweet positive things. Last night i was asked by one of my followers, just how is it possible for me to stay so positive when this team is doing so “poorly.” Instantly, i tweeted them back inspiring words. Then i got another tweet from an imbecile, who im willing to bet does not even know a thing about basketball, anyways that person basically wanted to know how i could continue to think that the Liberty were going anywhere in life: Here is my answer

Last season, as i continue and will continue to say win or lose, was not the easiest thing for us either, but yet we were still able to get to the Playoffs, and despite a dire injury via Janel, we still made the Final Four. You can say many things about this team. The most common one i see, is that we dont have “enough.” All through out the season, last year, I saw people complaining about how the Liberty didnt have any “bigs” or we need another person to run point for Cap. Everyone has so much to say about what the Liberty are lacking, but yet no one is able to open up their eyes and see what we truly have. No one even seems to be grateful to all that we are becoming. Every single person on this Liberty team has their own role that they play. Whether it is big or small, that is beside the point.

Let me break this down for you guys:

This Liberty team, all the struggles, all of the triumphs, all of the victories, all of the loses. All of this is consumed into glue.

When you are working on a project, you do not expect it to be finished over night. You work on it for days, weeks, or even months. Anything worth showing off always takes time and effort. You can have the entire layout done, everything is ready to be put into place, but if that glue has not yet hardened before you try to pick it up, your entire project will be a complete bust. All of the weeks you put into working on it and yet with simple mistake, could ruin everything. Glue is never on a time frame. It hardens at it’s own pace. Why try to rush something that you are not in control of?

Clearly, for the slower ones out there, the glue stick above represents the team. We do have all of the components that it takes to become the last team standing, however this is going to take time. Nothing in life ever happens over night yall! Hell, even if you win the lottery you are going to have to wait weeks before you can even cash it in and get your millions.

Like i said, all this will take time. Now of course i am still that cocky kid that firmly believes that Cappie Pondexter is Invincible! So i can deff tell you that this little losing streak we are on is about to be put on

This team is too damn good to allow this to continue on! However, if for some reason this is truly just not our year to conquer the world; Then i will just continue to act as if we have won the championship. Because i’m crazy? Nooo…(well maybe a little) But seriously you guys, the team needs to be seeing love right now. I am not a fan of bang wagons, and since i am the creator of Team CAPPA, i’m pretty sure i can kick you out of it(at least block you from my page) The last thing a player needs to see when they get home after a loss is , “you should of shot that” -_- Come on yall, be smarter than that!

After all, if you think you are depressed because your team is losing, just imagine how the actual REAL team is feeling.


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