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How Do I Get In Touch With Cappie Pondexter??

If you are a fan the best way to reach Cap is via Twitter. Cap does respond to fans so who knows, maybe your tweet will be the next one she reads!! Caps Twitter is http://twitter.com/cappa23

If  you are looking to conduct business with her then dont hit up her twitter page because she will simply fwd you to her P.R. which is http://twitter.com/#!/CEG_NYC

EVERYBODY also can reach Cappie via email: Info@cappiepondexter.com (hence her official website is http://cappiepondexter.com/ )

EVERYBODY can also join Cappies Mailing List : http://www.cappiepondexter.com/mailing_list.php


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Caps Official Twitter

Team CAPPA Twitter

  • I don't get on here much because of the different time zones; but i'll be back during the Liberty season. See yall soon! Just 4 Months away! 3 years ago
  • Make sure yall send the bday love to Cap! 3 years ago
  • Can yall guess whose birthday it is today? 3 years ago
  • In case you are wondering, Dandenong, Australia is 15 hours ahead of Eastern time. 3 years ago
  • In this league, Cap could dead average 40 points if she wanted to lol. #NoFlex 3 years ago
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