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Posted on: April 16, 2012

Wow oh wow! I feel like it has been ages since we have conversed! What’s up guyssss I’ve missed you all! And hello to the new members of TeamCAPPA. Season is ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!! Before I start talking about the draft though, here’s an overview of what Cap has been up to in Turkey.

GAME 1 of the FINALS Capo had 17 points, 2 steals, and 4 rebounds!! Fener won by 6!!!!

GAME 2 of the FINALS Capo lead the way with 29 points and 3 rebounds!! Fener won by 5!!!!

Now GAME 3 will be on Tuesday!!!! ONE MORE WIN AND FENER ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways back to the draft THAT IS HAPPENING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This here is our current roster:

Liberty Roster
 2012 Roster
45 Kara Braxton C-F 6-6 225 02/18/1983   Georgia 7
17 Essence Carson F-G 6-0 165 07/28/1986   Rutgers 4
50 Sydney Colson G 5-8 08/06/1989   Texas A&M 1
9 Quanitra Hollingsworth C 6-5 203 11/15/1988   Virginia Commonwealth 3
2 Kelly Miller G 5-10 140 09/06/1978   Georgia 11
5 Leilani Mitchell G 5-5 130 06/15/1985   Utah 4
22 Alex Montgomery G-F 6-1 11/12/1988   Georgia Tech 1
33 Plenette Pierson F-C 6-2 178 08/31/1981   Texas Tech 9
23 Cappie Pondexter G 5-9 160 01/07/1983   Rutgers 6
14 Nicole Powell F 6-2 170 06/22/1982   Stanford 8
15 Kia Vaughn C 6-4 208 01/24/1987   Rutgers 3

Although her name has not been inputted into the roster, the Liberty have just signed Demya Waker (Mystics.) ……………………….

image  [We shall discuss Walker’s and Miller’s pick ups at a later date..]

So! We currently have 13 layers already on the roster, and of course we can only have 11 players. Time to do some subtraction and addition! I won’t be the one to say who deserves to stay or go here.. But I will be giving my opinions on who we should pick up! Sadly we have the 7th draft pick  However last year we were even frather up on the list, and we were able to get Alex who has showed us she has great potential!! This 2012 draft is not as stacked as last years one was however, so the Liberty will have to be smart about who they pick because I don’t see much room for trading this season.


Think to yourself, “What does my team need to be the last one standing??”  Well clearly we already have the best player in the world

 But clearly that just isn’t enough! What else do we need? Now a lot of these “professional analyst” are saying we need to go BIG! And I honestly do not agree with that. Piers is a freaking BEAST, Q is playing with so much potential I just KNOW she is going to bring it this year, and HELLO KV got Most Improved last season!!!!!! BIG is seriously not our problem here!!!! Cappie our star, that is clear to everyone, and although Cap ‘s talent was clearly God-Sent, she is a HUMAN. Cap can not continue to play the entire game and be 100%! We need another G that can come and handle Cap’s role when she needs to take a breather! Now yes yes, we did just sign Kelly Miller!

Who avg 7 points and 3 assist. I am very happy about this grab!! Brings leadership and basketball knowledge! However I am a realist… Miller is 34 years old……………………………… annoyed Miller is like a fitness nut, so her age really ins’t a problem for now. However I am just thinking of our FUTURE. Miller will prob gives a 1-2 years. But what next? Kia and Q are babies, we have many more years with them being our BIG’s! I want to make sure we have many more years with our smalls as well! Lei is just 27 years young, but we all know that she feels the most comfortable in the 1. Sydney Colson [if you follow me on Twitter you know that I LOVE her] But she didn’t get hardly any PT last season. We need a young guard that can come into the game making wise shots and passes. That is why I will stop prolonging this blog and just say it…….

WE NEED SAMANTHA PRAHALIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you are not sure why I picked a player many people may not be familiar with, remember that we have the #7 pick! We are not going to get Hayes or Nneka! Be real! Prahalis played for OSU! Although they did not go to the Final 4, they were a very strong competitor in their conference leading the way! Jantel Lavendar (Spark) played with Sammy last season, Jantel made all the shots and Sammy got all the assist. With the loss of Lavendar, Sammy had to step up BIG TIME in order for OSU to even win games. She went from AVG 14.5 points a game last season, to AVG 20.1 points this season!! Sam has brought in nearly 1000 ast in her college career as well as 246 steals! This girl is LIGHTENING FAST!!! Which is something else the Libs can use. I have seen many people call us slow before…………..not the best feeling in the world. Carson, Alex, and Syd are the fastest people on our team right now. We need someone that is going to push tempo every second she is on the court!!!! Here is some game footage on Sammy!

GO TO 1:20!!! WTHHHHH!!! Dude us not getting this kid will be just foolish!! We will never come across another guard that has eyes in the back of her head like this!!!! A great play marker is EXACTLY what we need! Getting a passer like this will create so much more opps for our BIGS!!!!! Not only can she get others shots, she gets her self shots too! I could not find a video but this girls crossover game is just NASTYYY. With the mentoring from Cappie, I seriously think Sammy could be the face of this team down the road!!




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