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Catching Up with Capo

Posted on: February 12, 2012

Lol. Cap is a clown! Just watch this video!

It’s only been a little over a 2 weeks that Cap has been in Turkey; And the country is already feeling her presence strong! Cap did not play in the first few games, due to jetlag. However the first time she suited up was to play in the teams BIGGEST rivalry! Fener vs Gala. Gala being the team that now holds Diana Taurasi, Tina Charles, and E.Prince. Despite these two teams having All-Star rosters.. FENER GOT THE WIN!!!! BIG win I might add. 81 – 65! Capo had 7 points and 3 rebounds in that win! And here is some footage of Cap with her team after the game:


Bu Cap Türkiye’de olduğuna dair bir 2 hafta biraz fazla oldu sadece oldu; Ve ülkenin zatenonun varlığını güçlü hissediyor! Cap jetlag nedeniyle, ilk birkaç maçta oynamadı. Ancak o kadar uygundur ilk kez takım BÜYÜK rekabet oynamak oldu! Fener vs Gala. Gala şimdiDiana Taurasi, Tina Charles ve E.Prince tutan takım olmanın. All-Star Kadroları sahip bu iki takım rağmen .. FENER WIN GOT! BÜYÜK ben ekleyebilirsiniz kazanmak. 81-65! Capo bumaçta 7 sayı ve 3 ribaund! Ve burada oyundan sonra ekibiyle birlikte Cap bazı görüntülerişöyledir: ]

So as you can see Cap is having a great time at her 2nd home! The fans take great care of her! She also had a good game this morning bringing in 10 points. Below are more pics of her in Turkey. And once I find links for you guys, i’ll post them!







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