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Fener Sinek Sağlar #TeamCAPPA

Posted on: February 3, 2012

Yeni Türk taraftarların hoş geldiniz!Bu Cappie Pondexter için bir numaralı fan sitesi.Cappiezaferi uçmak olarak bizimle uçmak gel!Kullanıcı Fener git!
 Team CAPPA we’re back in actionnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!
 Hahah! Capo has landed in Turkey safely and is dying to lace up her Kobe’s to get back into action!! As you know, or if you do not, Cappie left her Russian team (UMMC) and decided to take some time off for herself to prepare for the up and coming WNBA season/Olympics; However her plans changed when Fener reached out to her and reminded Cap that she had made a promise. Cappie’s promise was made to Fener nearly four years ago when she decided to leave Turkey for Russia.
I will be back.
Are words that resemble what Cap actually said to her Fener teammates and fans. It is now 2012, and as promised, Cappie has returned to play Fener ball for the remainder of the EuroL season! Cappie is entering the team that already has the best record in the EL; And with Caps help, no doubt that the winning streak will only magnify.
Here is Cappie’s first interview with an Turkish Sports Center since her return! Check it out Team CAPPA
Although Cap’s vacation was not as long as she had hoped, she was still able to get some chill time in with family and friends! Over the break Cap spent a lot of her time at her favorite tattoo place! Cap has 2 new tats! One of her grandmother, and one of her image consulting company.
Cap also has been going to sooooo many Knicks games!! (Despite their horrible record) As well as going to her alum game! Rutgers!
Cappie suits up tomorrow! 2/4th! I will post the link as soon as I can find one. Like I said earlier, Turkish links are harder to find than Russian. I will try my hardest TeamCAPPA.

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Cappie please acquire Deanna Nolan to the Liberty because need another playmaker.

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  • I don't get on here much because of the different time zones; but i'll be back during the Liberty season. See yall soon! Just 4 Months away! 3 years ago
  • Make sure yall send the bday love to Cap! 3 years ago
  • Can yall guess whose birthday it is today? 3 years ago
  • In case you are wondering, Dandenong, Australia is 15 hours ahead of Eastern time. 3 years ago
  • In this league, Cap could dead average 40 points if she wanted to lol. #NoFlex 3 years ago
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