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F-E-N-E-R-B-A-H-C-E [Capo’s Home Coming!]

Posted on: January 4, 2012

Yesssss the rumors that have been spinning around for the past year are finally being silenced! The whispers can stop because the truth has been revealed people!! Cappie just signed a contract to return to the beloved city of INSTANBUL!!

We’re headed to Turkey my friends!!!!!!!!

Now for those who are not familiar with Cappie’s overseas career… hmmmm….. Let’s make this short and sweet..

“Our” Cappie is a freaking GOD to Turkish people!!!! She began her overseas career in Turkey. Playing with such WNBA players as DT, Penny Taylor, Tammy Sutton-Brown, Ebony Hoffman, etc.  While she was dressed in blue and yellow; Capo lead the only undefeated team in Fener history! Adding another 2 championship victories under her belt!

So clearly you can see that Capo handles her business on the court while in Turkey. However I want you guys to truly understand the significance of Cappie’s return to Turkey! Overseas players are the people who invented “Die-Hard Fan!” Fans overseas will literally kill over sports! I would say there might even be more Turkish fans following me than Russian or American! So yes our Cap is in great hands!!

Capo heads back over seas in late January! Her first game with Fener will be on Feb 1st. Fener will be taking on Perfumerias Avenida that day. Which leads me to my main topic.


Now you guys know that I always find a way to get you guys links and live streaming of games. However, it also helped that UMMC [Capo’s former overseas team] Had many links available for the general public. Now Turkish sites are not at all as user friendly. Yes, I will be able to get you guys some links; but not all of them. Many teams in Turkey have website that want you to pay an subscription fee. Even though I will probably buy the subscription, I highly doubt that many of you guys will. I am currently speaking with different Turkish fans on trying to beat the system. I just want you guys to understand I am trying the best I can; so please do not be impatient.

Another topic..


Capo will not be the only legal citizen of America on this Fener team. The current WNBA players are Penny Taylor and Angel mcCoughtry…. And of course all leagues have their own special and stupid rules. The current rules are as follows.

There can be no more than 2 American players on the court during  an EuroLeague game.

–That’s of course in my own words.

So clearly during every EL game someone has to sit out… Nowwwww call me cocky..i don’t really care.. But Cappie Pondexter is not about to be sitting on no bench! –However if for some reason something that ridiculous does happen; No now that you will not be seeing Cappie suit up that game. Reason I am bringing this to your attention is because the majority of the games that I can find for you, will be EL games.

No worries #TeamCAPPA Cappie is super excited to finally be back in Turkey! Which is one of her favorite places to be in the world! Sad she is not going to get the 5 month rest like she planned; She is still getting a longer rest than she has had in yearssssss.

Also!!!!!! Cappie finally gets to spend a birthday with her friends and family!!!!!

Yess Capo’s 29th birthday is in just 4 days people!!!!!!! Jan 7th!!!! I am going to need you guys to send her lots of love and blessings on that day!!!!!!

That’s it for now folks! Stay blessed!!!!!



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