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Last blog of the year!! Вы будет не хватать #УГМК

Posted on: December 20, 2011


Wow. The first half of the 2011-2012 season has come to a halt. Amazing how time flies.

But what’s even more astonishing; Is that this is the final year I will be writing about UMMC. In case you have not heard, yes it is true. Cappie is no longer apart of the UMMC organization. Four years Cappie has spent wearing an orange and white jersey. Being the starting point guard, and one of the best players on the team. Cappie is leaving Russia to head home and for once in her life get some rest. Since high school years Capo has been flying in and out of the country, doing what she was born to do. Although Cap is taking just a few short months off from work, I will now take this time to answer an absurd question that I keep receiving.

Is Cappie retiring from basketball??

 Let’s not ask anymore dumb questions. K?K!
This is a message to the Russian fans:
Вы, ребята, так приятно, и я ценю все, что вы помогли мне. Было так весело узнать ваше lanuage и культуры. Теперь я знаю, что определенные символы означаютнемного LOL. Вы giys очень посвящен моим игроком, и это благословение в нейсамого себя. Это заставляет меня чувствовать себя хорошо, что мой любимый игрокимеет поклонников, которые ее очень люблю и в других странах. Я не могупроснуться в предрассветные часы утра для игры, но я перспективные вы, ребята, что я буду продолжать болеть за УГМК, как они побеждать в каждом чемпионате в этом сезоне! Да Кэппи ушла физически, но не ментально. Cappi любит УГМК и так буду вечно! Пожалуйста, по-прежнему оставаться в контакте со мной. Я буду скучать по всем вам. Люблю тебя очень
This is a message to the American, English, fans:
     Well guys, you won’t be seeing me blow up your TL anytime soon..sadly. Bitter sweet moment right? So thrilled that the hardest working woman in America finally gets to breathe….. and then upset that I am out of the job for the next 6 months. Not sure if anyone will understand where i’m coming from.. But running a fan page [A great one] takes a lot from a person…that person being me of course. Everyday I wake up i’m having to remember that part of me is 1000000’s of miles away in another country. Traveling with your favorite players takes a lot of loyalty. This is my job and I have an obligation to keep you guys in the know of everything Cappie is up to. Yes it is very tiring however I know I am about to miss this like crazy. I have a set schedule. Every Sat I am the only teenager in there right mind that sets their alarm.
[For instance, this morning, I woke up at 5 am…only to see Cappie not even get in the game 
]  Being an international fan of an overseas team is one of the most fun things I have ever done. It’s cool putting yourself in the shoes of players. Listening to huddles and thinking “what in the hell.” It really makes you understand just how hard these WNBA players have to work just to be an honest living. Of course I say this woman works harder than any other player. [Yes i’m bias, big shocker]
Cappie gives 110% regardless of what country she is. I believe this little break will give her just what she needs to be an even better player next WNBA season! And don’t forget this is an OLYMPIAN!!! Soooo much happening for Cap in 2012! So please please please do not think of this as “the end” of her overseas journey. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!! That was so cheesey!
Lol Im in a great mood because I am thinking of the future! So please #TeamCAPPA stay positive! I will continue to blog and tweet on here and https://twitter.com/#!/teamcappa about anything Cappie has gotten herself into during this break.
Я люблю тебя и да благословит вас Господь
 It’s fashion time!!!!

Cappie Türkiye olacak bana soran durdurmak!Biliyordum ben size söylemeyeceğim!
Пожалуйста, прекратите спрашивать меня о Кэппи собирается в Турцию! Я не могу сказать, если бы я знал!
Please stop asking me about Cappie going to Turkey! I couldn’t tell you if I knew!

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