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2011 Womens Month Dedication (made by the fans)

So as most of you should know March is Womens Month!! In the beginning of the month Cappie began tweeting about all of these women who are influential to her. However once she began tweeting about a few other WNBA players i was somewhat shocked that she can give such accolades to other women in the same profession as her, who in my opinion, are of lesser value. Then i started to see a few of her fans telling her how she is the most important person in their lives. Being that Cap does read all of her mentions, i know that meant a lot to her. The biggest thing that i can do for Cap, is to show her that she is loved by MANY!! With everything that has gone down in the past few weeks, i have more now than ever realized i really do respect this woman. And i realized i am not her only true fan. So, with out further ado, i am happy to reveal all of Cappie’s fans(that i could find on Twitter and Facebook) explaining in words just exactly what Cap means to them! Starting off, with a poem. Made for the strongest woman i know, Cappie Pondexter!


Not like you she is

No complaints she makes

Never high never low

Always humble no need to put on a show

She is one you see

Can’t imagine if she wasn’t born to be

A Star is on

Marked in ink

So unique

She put it not far from her cheek

You wouldn’t understand her

Can’t fathom her

She becomes such a master

At the game she captures

Attention not to mention she pushes on like fruition

I seem to think she is on a mission

To success which she already passed the test

Passes opponents by like a shooting star in the sky

Yeah they tried but liberty above all

Can’t wait to see who she makes fall

This summer is gonna be butter

Like her kicks I wish I could get

Two pair

And wear them when I cheer

For her she don’t care always gonna

Do what she wants

Fashion week was tones of fun

Who cares she decided not to run

With the US team

I mean can a girl enjoy

Kill all that noise

People always have something to say

But she’s so blessed by the BEST

She has no contest

Didn’t you see the logo it looks like the one on a tee

Shirt it says number twenty-three

On the back of her jersey people can’t

Read what it be

It’s cool they see the front


Above all she soars like her 3 ball

All of her shots fall

She has the ability to manager 4 seasons

Like winter, summer, spring, fall

That’s when she plans to win it all

She cops that loot

Like she makes playing hoops

She kills girls

Got them going thru

All types of Loops

Crosses and shakes

You can call her a seamstress with all those spins

Damn her pinch is lethal

Like not having wind

In pipes she never bust

Them come on she’s a gem

Always makes a diamond like ice

Coldness you feel when she breaks off

Like a training wheel

Around I go

Can’t help but to tell you

About this phenomenal woman

Who inspires me…you know

March is the month we honor someone like she

Because the apple doesn’t drop far from the tree

Her mom is proud you should see

Them together looks like pure pleasure

She is so unique to me I just had to

Tell it how it be

To me she’s a star

Although often far but

I remember if I just look up

To her I can aspire to be

Like her


Didn’t you know I was talking about


That’s who it be.

By Jessica Scott (@JScottbbuggin)


Hey ma beautiful star player!!lol  Soo y do I think ur a phenomenal woman?!? Hmm where do I start :) 1st I must say ur an amazing ball player..the way u lifted the Liberty under all that pressure & personal situations (I won’t say all alone cuz u had sum help but u were the MOTIVATION) was incredible & mind u at that time  I didn’t  know much about the game! But thanks to u I was intrigued..& now there’s not a game that I don’t miss! 2nd u sound so down to earth & humble! Needless to say how real you are & that’s definitely a thumbz up! Idk Cappa its just this feeling I get about u that let’s me noe ur a gr8 person..I can feel it in ma heart! 3rd u do what u do..have what u have..but yet u never forget who to thank for all your blessings! Yes the man upstairs<3 Yea ppl r questioning your religion but believe me Cap..myself & many more noe what it is! There’s so many reasons y I think ur amazing! Just noe ur an inspiration to many including myself! Keep doing what u doing & no matter how hard things get, always remember that sumwhere in the bx there’s always sum1(me) that has u in there best wishes & prayers && of course the rest of ur fanz do too but I’m special!!lol j\k kay so I’m outta here…hope my words made u laugh a bit or at least brought a lil smile 2 ur face!  Love you always, Marie Osorio (@CHiqqNmdNiina23)


Я люблю вас, когда вы берете этапе я тебя люблю, когда ты улыбаешься я тебя люблю, когда вы нам победить. Я люблю тебя awlays и навсегда Кэппи Pondexter! -Россия


My name is Ashley Rousely! Im 15 n i been watching Cap tha Mack throw it down since RU days!! She thought me everything i know. Shes tha reason why i made varsity this year!! I wear #23 just for her. NOT MJ. I love MJ. But i make sure pep know i rock 23 for CAPPIE!! -Jersayyy


As a guy who faithfully follows the NBA and WNBA, there isn’t a handful of players who are better than Cappie Pondexter. She is a player with a big game but bigger heart. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and plays as hard as Kobe Bryant and Tamika Catchings on both side of the floor. Her overall game is sometimes overshadowed by her amazing offensive abilities and rightfully so because she is dynamic and a load to deal with on the offensive side of the court. Her repertoire of pull up jump shots, relentless drives to the basket  and her famous fade away jump shot make her a threat anywhere on the court. What I love most about Cappie is her competitive drive and her will to be a better player, person and leader. The challenge she took going to the Liberty showed me a different side of her as a leader and carrying a franchise on her shoulder with an MVP caliber year. She showed how good she is and brought back the Liberty franchise. There isn’t more to say about Cappie Pondexter other than she is a champion and a leader!(@MidRangeShorty)


Artık hala destek benim takımım ama için oynuyorlar. I iade için özlem duyuyorum çünküartık oyunlar gidin! Seni o gün bana gülümsedi beri her zaman Cappie seviyorum! Feneriçin lütfen geri dön!- Türkiye


Cappie is So Phenomenal, because she’s the MVP of the WNBA. Above All, She’s a Vivacious & Voracious Leader, on & off the Court. Over Seas. Community Service, or Social Network(s), She’s very Professional & Phenomenal.

Highest Regards, jp (BlackLionattaka)

>>>> What is not to say about cappie pondexter???!!! She is the best player ever and she can go to the nba and be better than a lot of pgs! She can take Chris Paul job, because he aint brining nothing to my city but sex appeal!! Lol, i love Cappie! And she will win MVP this season like she deserved it last! LJ my butt! – Jessica Stockdale, NO


Personne dans mes amis comme le basket et ils n’aimeront pas plus de femmes mais je regarde cappy jouer quand je suis venu aux Etats-Unis avec ma famille un jour férié.Je suis scotché. Cappy est agréable à regarder! -Jamon France


Dear Cappie,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what you mean to me as a woman.  As a woman you symbolize strength and solidarity.  Solidarity because I see how you take care of your mom, brother, and nephew.  The interesting part is how you graciously say how they take care of you by spporting you and being there.  You don’t make it seem like a job or a burden, you do with pure love.  As a basketball player, you are a barrier breaker.  You have open doors for so many young ladies.  You work hard on and off the court.  Last year following the playoff win against Atlanta, I knew you were extremely tired.  Yet, you managed to smile for every photo and  converse with the fans all with your mom standing beside you.  Your never say die attitude and winning attitude along with that famous smile is the best thing that could have happened to the NY Liberty organization.  I remember your post-game interview following the loss to Tennesee.  You were tearful but you showed so much class.  I always thought that you were in a league of your own.  I always believed that you were often misunderstood as being cocky.  I knew better.  I saw someone that had worker hard and was willing to showcase that talent on any level, in any arena, on any given day.

As a mother, sister, auntie, friend, and fan i just want to say, “THANK YOU”.  Thank you for never folding.  Thank you for giving so much of your self.  Thank you for sacrificing your body, mind, and spare time for us the fans.  It is my prayer for you that you continue to grow spiritually so that the world can really get a true sense of the phenomenal woman you are!  I love you and I will continue to support you.  I have my season tix already!


Gabrialle AKA @Tarheelfiend


Кэппи пожимает мне ahnd каждой игре. Она очень хорошо не значит. Мне нравится, как она играет в баскетбол. Вдохновляет меня быть похожей на нее. -Lue


My team is good but not great. But we won our first game this year because we watch Cappie on the computer. She is our coach because our coach is a nun. -Jackie, AZ


Where do I begin? Cappie is an extraordinary basketball player who has won championships, gold medals and MVP. Her talent level speaks for itself.  She is not only a leader on the court she is also off the court. She gives encouraging and inspirational words to her fans via facebook and twitter. Unfortunately, she’s not able to respond to her all fans but she tries her best even with her busy schedule overseas. She’s one female athlete who is not afraid to make a fashion statement. Her move to New York allowed her to become more involved in her love for fashion. I look up to her because she strives for perfection on the basketball court and also in her new fashion company. She inspires me to pursue my goals and be the best I can be. She’s a phenomenal woman because she made her dreams come true and didn’t allow anyone or anything to stop her. I wish her much success in her future endeavors; I will continually support her as a dedicated fan.

Much Love,

Brittany from NY ! ( @BrItTBrI)


МЫ ПОБЕДИТЕЛИ И ПОТОМУ Кэппи Кэндес !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Aleksandra


I come from no girl play sport but my main sport is futbol. only thing to make cappie perfect if she she play futbol but she is fine with jsut basket ball. i love you always-Fefe


Ever since I first heard of Cappie Pondexter, I have been aware of her tremendous talent as a basketball player.  Every time that the Phoenix Mercury came to town, I would get mildly anxious because I knew that the New York Liberty would be met with powerful opposition.  The color commentators would always mention Cappie along with the likes of Diana Taurasi.  It created a good feeling by showing that her talent is respected throughout the WNBA.

When Cappie demanded that she be traded to New York, she made a big impact.  It was such an undertaking to garner her that it took a three team deal to pull it off.  Phoenix had to scramble to find compensation for the loss of firepower.  It’s cool to be able to observe that Cappie had enough clout to get what she wanted. After the deal was completed, the Liberty featured a splash page with the headline “Game Changer.” Everyone knew that there was a new sheriff in town, and Cappie gave the fans hope.  I had never heard an MVP chant at Madison Square Garden before.  It’s nice to be able to expect it.  It speaks to Cappie’s caliber as a basketball player.  It’s also a testament to the talent of the players that the New York Liberty organization surrounded Cappie with.  The success that the team had last summer shows how great they all are.

Cappie’s a great giver, too.  On several occasions, she handed me a t shirt during a t shirt toss so that I wouldn’t be overlooked.  Apart from the generosity shown in those moments, Cappie showed that a large crowd and a great deal of noise don’t matter if you are focused and have a good eye.  Assuredly though, Cappie’s track record is all the proof that we need.  (@tyrekecorrea )

>>>>>I was sad when i had to move to NY. I am from Cali! I go to the beach and get sun tans and play in the sand! I dont do snow fights! It hurt me the most because my daddy always took me to Sparks games!! But after he and my mom divorced she dragged me to live with her sister who i hate!! She thinks im spoiled which im not! Anywayz, Cappie makes my summers so much better now. I never liked Liberty but now since Cappie is there I LOVE NY!! I refused to wear that shirt until Cappie came!! I love Cappie!! I wish CP3 would be with CP23! NY would be the team to beat! Love always!!- Berhar Gerinzo, CALI(in heart)


I do not watch basketball at all. In fact my little sisters get mad if i watch a game with them because they say i ask to many questions haha! The only reason i bother them with questions is because i want to learn all thanks to Cappie! I am a cheerleader YES IT IS A SPORT!!!!!! And when my little sister told me Cappie does fashion i was amazed!!…Well im not gonna lie, i thought she would look tore up! But after seeing her on the runway, she is B.A.D.!!!!! I try to find out every thing Cappie wears because i want it!!!! Her playing basketball is something for sisters to look up to. But her branching out to fashion is something for me to look up to! I adore her and i wish i knew how to walk in heels like her! Hopefully i will meet her soon! I wouldnt know what to say!!..Well i would prob ask her to go shopping with me! She is the best dressed wnba player i see!!!!- Felicia Robinson-GA








These are just some of the words to describe Cappie!

She is a great basketball player. She is the leader of her team and helps to makes her teammates better. She wants the ball in big spots and wants to win.

She also did a campaign geared toward students graduating which is great. Kids need to stay in school and she is helping to show that a good education can get you to your goals in life.

She is also showing that women can have a career and she actually has two. She is a brilliant business woman and following another dream of hers and thats being in fashion. She is showing that if you have a dream go for it and don’t let anyone tell you, that you can’t to it.  (@Libertycrazy97)


Я хочу в один прекрасный день носить свой ​​номер, когда мы встречаемся, носейчас я прихожу к вам телевизор, и вы коснуться моей руки. Ты мой ангел!
Cappie gives me strength i need. In basketball and life. I am indian but a free spirit. My mom passed and i look just like her. So we both have long hair down our back. I always hated hair but i knew my father loved my hair because he loved my moms hair. I wanted to cut my hair so badly. But that is not right to go behind fathers back. I watch Cappie on tv and i see her hair cut! I am jealous. And then i hear her speaking to me. Her spirit inside of me, So i cut my hair!!!! My dad was so very angry at me. But i kept my hair cut for a year and i felt so free. He was mad the whole year. So to make him not be mad i let it grow back. But i will cut it again once i am living in my own home. Still my year with out hair was the best ever i had been! And Cappie gave me the strength i needed to cut my hair! Thank you cappie. I will forever be your servant! -Smitha, Utah


) Dear Cappie(or shall I say beast),

You have had some unbelievable seasons. Let me just say this now and say I wish you were still in Phoenix BUT, I am over it now haha. You are just as good in New York. I can not even keep up with the points you put up. You hardly miss. I wish I had your shot man! hahaha.You are this machine that keeps pumping out shots….like a ball machine! There you go! But lets get serious. You are an amazing role model, and you make me want to become a better player. Even though we do not play the same position(Center). I look at how you distribute the ball to your posts, it great. I look at your games and I am like…”dang….Let me talk to our PG real quick” hah! But no you are great….you hear this alot huh? So let me make it short hahahah YOU’RE A BEAST. Keep on beastin girl.

-Theresa J.(#54) (@iReeSy)


Кэппи это потрясающий игрок во всех смыслах этого слова,её трёх очковые очень помогают команде!!!!Лично меня она паразила своей улыбкой танцами и чуть нагловатой игрой   (@MakarovaKat)


I just want to do this because i am going to make Cappie my wife one day!! I saw her skills on the court long time ago. She is the best the wnba has. I play high scholl ball and i wear her jersey to practice, the guys play me but its cool. Because ill be laughing when i got Cappie on my hip. I wish she was 15 years younger! She would be mines!! But i will wait 6 years to be hers!! I love her!!

-Rashad Jones, CT


Cappie is a true professional. She is a leader on and off the basketball court. On the court she makes all of her team mates better. Just look at what she did last year as she was the perfect back court mate for Leilani Mitchell. Lei’s improvement was a lot about what she did and a lot about what Cappie helped her to do. On the court Cappie knows when to take over and when to get her team mates involved. Cappie is a franchise player that took New York on her back to the Eastern Conference finals. The greatest part of the success the Liberty had was that for Cappie it was always about the team and not about her personal stats. The always puts winning first. Early in the season last year when the team was struggling still trying to get to know each other on and off the court she had the entire team over her house for dinner when they were in Chicago to play the sky. It was just another way to help the team bond. Off the court Cappie is a great inspiration for young people. She is always encouraging kids to work hard and stay in school. She gives her time and money to help others. Cappie is always there for others Cappie always speaks her mind. She is very honest and will always let you know how she feels. You might not like it but with Cappie you will always hear what she truly believes. Cappie is not afraid to stand up for what she believes.


Много поклонников у вас есть и вы должны знать, но я самая большая. Я плачу, когда ты улыбаешься, потому что Вы так прекрасны для меня. Я хотел бы бытьвашим


My mom has always told me not to care about sports and only care about school. I make all A’s and she never says anything nice. She never comes to any games either. And my dad would if he could but my mom wont let him see me anymore. My brother is the one who first showed me Cappie. He is in love with her. He says she is the only wnba player that dosnt look like a stick. I dont really like girls because they annoy me and are always bulliying me. But when i see Cappie play i am excited like never i am in school. I dony care what my mom says. im gonna be a nba player! And im gonna buy cappie a car to show her how much i love her! I want her to adopt me so then she can teach me how to play ball whenever i want! And maybe if i get older she can be my girlfriend. But im dont know because i like her too much to kiss her.

-Justin Carter, MO


So those were just a few people from your fan base telling you how much they adore you. Now its my turn:

…This whole month has been just ridic for me. Things that have been said to you, have made me somewhat blackout from the world and i feel my blood boil. This has been an unwanted learning experiencefor me, its shown me that i really adore you and i would never let anything happen to you. I am an 18  year old kid with the body and height of a 12 year old, i grew up in a suburb. I speak proper english. Lol, i have no clue what makes me think i can protect a person like you. A woman..grown at that. Make your own money. Independent. Dosnt take anything from anyone. Hell you have a freaking GUN tatted on you!! In a visible spot!! Haha, Theres no way i could ever protect you from anything. But im promising that i will always try. You mean…..seriously..more than others….You teach me things….lol, if i was asked to repeat everything youve ever taught me i couldnt..or i would have to take out the cuss words lol…Regardless of what anybody out there says. Being a model citizen, doing what the public wants you to do, telling others what they want you to say.. the only thing that makes, is a bullshit mentor! You keep it real with me. You keep it real with the world. And i hope one day, ill have people respecting me the way people respect you…Lol, as much as you hate it, i have a pretty clear understanding of you too. Im ready to see you again……And i, just feel blessed. Because i dont just have an idol… i have the absolute best mentor in the world……and I am pretty damn cocky because of that! ;)

Much Love,



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